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Sunday, 16 June 2013 10:48

TOWIE prizes won on The Friday Bounce

Listeners tuned in to THE FRIDAY BOUNCE on Friday, 21 June hoping for a chance to win a prize from Chloe Sims of The Only Way is Essex. Host Tom Mutiny gave Liz from Marholm the prize, who guessed the mystery track - Yazz and the Plastic Population with "The Only Way is Up."

Tom Mutiny and Chloe SimsThe prize up for grabs was a pair of signed Spika false eyelashes from Chloe's new Starship range of lashes, as well as a a signed photo.

Tom also managed to secure an interview with Chloe Sims from TOWIE.

The only way to have been in with a chance of winning was by tuning in between 10.00am and Noon for THE FRIDAY BOUNCE on Peterborough FM - available in the central Peterborough area at 87.7 on the FM waveband, and as always on








Chloe Sims with the prizes you can win tuning in to THE FRIDAY BOUNCE

When you tune in to the show you'll discover the 'Bounce' phone number to call, and the question you'll need to answer.

Tom has spent the last couple of weeks setting this up, so please share this information with all your TOWIE-inclined friends.